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دانلود بازی ماجراجویی Ankora v1.2.8 برای اندروید
دانلود بازی ماجراجویی Ankora v1.2.8 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی ماجراجویی Ankora v1.2.8 برای اندروید

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qr-دانلود بازی ماجراجویی Ankora v1.2.8 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی ماجراجویی Ankora v1.2.8 برای اندروید

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Ankora 1.2.8 یک بازی ماجراجویی از استودیوی بازیسازی Chibig می باشد که در مارکت اندروید بصورت رایگان منتشر شده است. در اینجا شما در نقش مون می باشد که به کاوش در میان سیاره های مختلف می پردازد. پس از یک تصادف شدید و آسیب دیدن سفینه فضایی اش مجبور شد یک فرود اضطراری به سیاره Ankora داشته باشد که یک سیاره بزرگ، پر از هیولاهای خطرناک می باشد. مون مهارت های زنده ماندن را آموخته بود و بدون هیچ ترسی به ماجراجویی می پردازد. تنها راه نجات او پیدا کردن قطعات گمشده سفینه فضایی اش در طول فرود می باشد که در اطراف سیاره پراکنده شده است. زندگی کردن در این سیاره کار آسانی نیست. او باید برای زنده ماندن بر گرسنگی و تشنگی غلبه کند و به دنبال آب و غذا بگردد و با موجودات مختلف مبارزه کند. همچنین در برابر سرما و گرمای بیابان و شبهای پر از خطر از خودش محافظت کند.

برخی از ویژگی های بازی Ankora اندروید :
– مدیریت کردن منابع
– استفاده از مواد مختلف، ابزار بقا، مواد غذایی و آیتم های خاص
– جمع آوری آیتم های خاص برای ساخت ابزار شکار و وسایل دفاعی
– گرافیک خوب و فوق العاده زیبا
– تکمیل انواع ماموریت های بی شمار
– داستان طولانی و نقشه های بزرگ برای اکتشاف
– صداگذاری تاثیر گذار

Mûn the explorer of Interstellar Patrol Team 5, suffers a serious accident with her spaceship and has to make an emergency landing on the Planet Ankora. It is a very large planet, full of contrasts and dangerous monsters, but Mûn is a brave explorer with great survival skills and faces the adventure without any fear.

The only way to ask for redemption is to bring together the transmitter parts lost from spaceship during landing, which are scattered around various remote locations on the planet. With all the pieces, she will be able to build the antenna and send the distress signal.

Life on planet Ankora is not easy, to survive Mûn must overcome hunger and thirst, looking for food and water, cooking her own provisions and struggling against the elements: rain, north freezing cold and hot summers in the desert, long nights full of dangers …

But soon she will have unexpected help: the ANKs. The ANKs are a primitive race living in harmony in Ankora since ancient times. They are kind-hearted and are divided into tribes engaged in different occupations: farmers, fishermen, merchants, craftsmen, hunters and wisemen.

Mûn has a lot to learn from the ANKs, who will willingly help her sharing their culture: teaching her to make tools, buildings and structures, objects of jewelry, all kinds of meals, recipes and even magic potions. In return, Mûn will also provide her assistance through countless missions, specializing in each job and becoming a genuine ANK-hearted.

Ankora has large dimensions, it’s divided into 144 quadrants made of blocks, Mûn has great exploration work in this wild world, where nature has grown at will. Mûn must learn to overcome obstacles: rivers, lakes and waterfalls, huge rocks blocking the passage, mountains, level jumps… And many monsters. But nature will also provide the materials she needs to move forward and survive: wood, stone, metal and wild plants. Soon she learns to open her own ways, because Ankora is a changing and unique planet.

Although Mûn will begin the adventure with empty hands, the ANK tribe will accompany her sharing their secrets and showing her to make useful tools. The hammer to build structures, the shovel to dig or raise the terrain, the saw and the pickaxe to collect wood and stone, the hoe to cultivate and harvest … and the spear and the hunting bow to defend herself.

A key task to survive will be to make her own objects and manage the resources she finds on her adventure. Mûn can collect a lot of items in her backpack: different materials, survival tools, food and special items. These objects can be combined in many ways using the kitchen and the working table. As Mûn learns new recipes, her skills and her chances of survival will multiply.

Ankora is the second game of the Deiland saga. If you enjoyed the adventure of Prince Arco in tiny planet Deiland, you’ll sure love this new experience of exploration and survival. You will find many mechanisms and a style similar to Deiland’s, but also many new features enhancing and extending the gameplay in this universe. In developing Ankora, we have tried to cover many requests we receive from users and we expect it to be a fun and interesting title.
In addition, it is a completely offline game and does not require connection.

“Essentially a farming and adventure sim, set in space.
Great for fans of Don’t Starve, or Stardew Valley.
Nice graphics, and super pretty art!
Long storyline and huge map to explore.”
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“Overall, Ankora seamlessly mixes exploration, farming, and other gameplay aspects into a fun, well-crafted game. The graphics look fantastic, and the art style is both unique and pleasant.”

“The best part of this game, you have tons of quests to be complete and 144 quadrants of areas to explore!”

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