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دانلود آنتی ویروس Dr. Safety -Data Security v2.1.1166 برای اندروید
دانلود آنتی ویروس Dr. Safety -Data Security v2.1.1166 برای اندروید

دانلود آنتی ویروس Dr. Safety -Data Security v2.1.1166 برای اندروید

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qr-دانلود آنتی ویروس Dr. Safety -Data Security v2.1.1166 برای اندروید

دانلود آنتی ویروس Dr. Safety -Data Security v2.1.1166 برای اندروید

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دانلود آنتی ویروس چند منظوره Dr. Safety -Data Security FREE APK v2.1.1166 برای اندروید


با سلام ما در این لحظه از روز تصمیم گرفتیم که یکی دیگر از سری نرم افزار های انتی ویروس را در شهر اندروید قرار دهیم که توسط کمپانی Trend Micro ساخته شده و تاکنون توانسته امتیاز  4.8 از 5 را دریافت کررده است. Dr.Safety یک آنتی ویروس و برنامه ی قدرتمند چندمنظوره است که تمام نیازهای شما را برآورده می کند. Dr.Safety دارای ۴ ویژگی بسیار عالی دارد، محافظت از حریم خصوصی، یافتن گوشی یا تبلت گم شده یا به سرقت رفته،محافظت از حریم خصوصی در فیسبوک و شناسایی نرم افزارها و ابزارهای جاسوسی که اطلاعات مهم و حساس را جمع آوری و ارسال می کنند.

دانلود Dr Safety Data Security FREE از CITYROID.COM

★ Using an AV-TEST best-rated Android mobile security technology by Trend Micro that blocks virus, malware, spyware, malicious phishing attacks, unwanted spam calls for free, and also protects against privacy security risks and any data theft on a lost device.
★ Downloaded almost 10 million times globally.
★ Rated over 4.5 stars by nearly 100,000 users (92% of users.)

Highly Recommended by Users
“Useful and convenient Seriously, this app is amazing! You can ensure safety in your mobile phones in few clicks away! This really works for me!”
“Simply’s the best.”
“Superb!!! Awesome app, works smoothly in the background and provides good features that are free.”

Mobile Cybercrime Is Growing
■ A massive recent malware outbreak “Gazon” was disguised as an Amazon voucher app and infected devices in over 30 countries across the world using device owners’ contact list to spread (reported by ZDNet)
■ 38 percent of all smartphones have already been targeted by cyber crime, with damages that can reach up to millions of dollars (reported by Symantec)
■ Cybersecurity named a US national priority at the February 2015 White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection (reported by the White House and BBC News)

Complete Antivirus Protection
Virus Scan & Alert: not only detects and removes any virus on your Android phone or tablet, but also restores your safety settings and checks for virus, malware, spyware, scams, and security risks before you download apps – the first ever!
Safe Apps & Games: which apps and games are safe to download and play? Our antivirus security scan will carefully check every single app and game to protect your Android phone or tablet from any risk.
Secure Web Surfing: blocks unsafe websites containing attacks and scams, so you can avoid fraudulent banking websites and fake websites.

Data Safety Guardian
Data Privacy: scans and detects any app, including social media apps, that is accessing your personal information without your permission. Safeguard your device from the risk of data theft!
Find My Phone: if you have lost your Android phone or tablet, Dr. Safety can help track it down, lock it, or wipe/retrieve it to keep important data safe.

Social Privacy Guru
Facebook Privacy: checks your Facebook privacy settings and makes sure personal information is only shared with your permission. (NEWLY UPDATED)
Call Blocking: stops unwanted and harassing spam calls.

Bonus Features
Dr. Mobile Level: get rewards and enjoy special promotions for being a loyal Dr. Safety (or Dr. Booster) user!
Custom Notifications: personalized news and recommendations on safe, high-quality apps for you based on your preferences.

Dr. Safety – Mobile AntiVirus & Security FREE is available in 11 languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, French, and Arabic.

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