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دانلود بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید
دانلود بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید

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qr-دانلود بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید

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دانلود آخرین ورژن بازی War of Guardian 1.1.3 برای اندروید


War of Guardian – جنگ کهکشان‌ها ! با استفاده از جنگجوی خود در این بازی‌ای که در سبک نقش آفرینی می‌باشد، به مبارزه با دشمنان بپردازید و بهترین قهرمان شوید !

  دانلود War of Guardian از CITYROID.COM

اگر به به دنبال یک بازی نقش آفرینی و با امتیاز بالا هستید این بازی را دریافت نمائید !

توضیحات و ویژگی‌های کلیدی این بازی:

The description of War of Guardian


*****Game Description:
War of Guardian is an epic and Next-Gen ARPG mobile game featured with breath taking episodes, HD art effects and various social game-play. The intuitive QTE skill-triggered mode enhance a thrilling Real Time Battle. Immersive fierce PVE&PVP battle is abusively addictive. The game takes place during the European Middle Age through a magical fantastic story line. Players will be able to use enchantment skills to enhance their strengths and challenge powerful boss. Endorse your weapons and ally with other companions to free the three kingdoms to become the most glorious Hero of War of Guardian.

*****Game Features:
1) Epic masterpiece of western magic drawing style
Exquisite and delicate western style HD and great graphics for an immersive game experience.
2) Real Time Battle
MMO unlimited instant Real Time Battle and distinct combo attack designs for a stronger battle experience and pleasure like an ACT game.
3) Intuitive QTE skill-triggered mode
A normal attack has a chance to trigger QTE skills. Also, some rune items have the ability to increase your chance to trigger your QTE. By triggering your QTE skills, your strength in battle will be much more considerable.
4) Hundreds different kind of amazing pets available
Hundreds different kind of pets will follow you and support you during your battles. Pets get better appearance and skills when evolving!
5) Fantastic mounts!
Upgrade your mount and it will be transformed as it levels up: appearance and performances. You can gallop on the battlefield with your mount and advance unopposed through into the enemy positions.
6)Abundant social systems
Party system and event system can increase players’ activeness and accelerate the online interactions.Open market economy facilitates players to trade and grow up.
7) A better and more economical game-play
Abundant game-play like PVP Arena and Devil Kill are so entertaining that players can challenge all different kinds of dazzling and precious titles.

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