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دانلود بازی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید
دانلود بازی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید

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qr-دانلود بازی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید

دانلود بازی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید

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دانلود بازی بسیار زیبای و دیدنی نگهداری از بو My Boo 1.20 برای اندروید


My Boo نام یک بازی کودکانه می باشد که در شهر اندروید آن را به شما معرفی می کنیم . این بازی که توسط استودیو بازی سازی Tapps – Top Apps and Games ساخته شده توانسته امتیاز 4.3 از 5 را کسب کند . به امید رضایت شما عزیزان . در این بازی مشابه Pou، شما صاحب موجودی اهلی می شوید که باید از او مراقبت نموده و پرورشش دهید؛ برای مثال باید او را شستشو دهید، به او غذا دهید و لباس های زیبا بپوشانید!
برای تنوع بیشتر مینی گیم های گوناگونی در بازی گنجانده شده اند که میتواند کاربران را برای مدت ها سرگرم کند. نکته جالبی که سازنده بازی در مورد مینی گیم ها به آن اشاره دارد اینست که به جنبه های آموزشی در این مینی گیم ها توجه ویژه ای شده است؛ برای مثال می توان به آموزش شمارش اعداد و تقویت حافظه اشاره کرد که برای کودکان و خردسالان عزیز بسیار مناسب است. بنابرین والدین عزیز میتوانند با استفاده از این بازی و در کنار تفریح برخی مفاهیم پایه را به فرزندان خود آموزش دهند.

دانلود بهترین و جذابترین بازی ها و نرم افزار ها از

Meet Boo, your new virtual pet! Boo is waiting for you to pet, dress, feed, teach, clean and take care of him! Look after your adorable little Boo and have fun playing over a dozen of exciting mini games! All for free!

Give your Boo cute looks and share his best moments with your friends. Boo is all the fun of owning a pet right in your hands. Are you ready for your baby Boo?

Learn more and find exclusive My Boo content on Facebook:

• ADOPT your Boo, give it a special name and watch it grow up! It’s so cute!
• DRESS him up with countless outfits to give your Boo the best look! Just they way you want!
• FEED Boo with candy, cookies, fruits, pizza or even sushi for a treat! Yummy!
• TICKLE, play keepie uppie, trampoline or jump rope with your Boo to keep him happy and smiling!
• TUCK your Boo in when the day is over and Boo is tired!
• BATH your Boo to keep it clean and happy!
• DECORATE every room of your Boo’s house with dozens of awesome items!

And a lot more! There’s always so much to do in My Boo!
You will never get tired of your cute little pet monster!

Have fun with exciting mini games and earn coins to buy items and food for your Boo!
• Boo Finder – Find the missing Boos
• Boo Balloons – Pop all the balloons
• Boo Mix – Match Boos in a 2048 style game
• Piano Boo – Tap the Boos and avoid the white tiles
• Collecting – Collect the falling Boos
• Flap Boo – Flap your wings and help Boo fly
• Boo Hop – Jump as high as you can with your Boo in a platform game
• Basket Boo – How many points can you score in this basketball game?
• Odd Boo Out – Spot the different Boo within the group
• Boo Slide – Solve small puzzles and collect the stars on your way
• Booblegum – Blow big bubblegum bubbles with Boo
• Whack Boo – Tap the Boos popping out from the chimneys
• Bowling – Slide your Boo to hit others and score points
• Jumping – Tilt your device to help Boo collect food
• Sorting – Sort and pack different foods
• Memory – The classic card matching game
• Matching – A match-3 style game to combine Boos
• Bubble Pop – Launch and combine Boos of the same color

And many more to come! Free new mini games with the updates of My Boo!

Millions of kids and adults are already playing with their own virtual pet Boo!
Your baby Boo is just waiting for you! What are you waiting for? Get yours now! It’s free!

My Boo is the perfect game for children. It includes educational mini games with positive affirmation to develop children’s counting, memory, reasoning, reflexes, coordination and motor skills. It focuses on making your child learn by playing. Every activity involves a different set of skills making it a complete educational experience. Don’t forget to try our other virtual pet games, including My Virtual Pet, My Virtual Dog, My Virtual Cat and My Virtual Hamster!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for

real money.

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