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دانلود نرم‌افزار Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید
دانلود نرم‌افزار Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید

دانلود نرم‌افزار Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید

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qr-دانلود نرم‌افزار Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید

دانلود نرم‌افزار Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید

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دانلود نرم‌افزار برنامه‌ریزی کارهای روزانه Todoist: To-Do List, Task List 11.1.2 برای اندروید


Todoist: To-Do List, Task List – اگر به دنبال برنامه‌ای هستید که با آن بتوانید براحتی کارها و برنامه‌های روزانه خود را مدیریت و در اسرع وقت انجام دهید پس این نرم‌افزار کاربردی را از دست ندهید و همینک آخرین ورژن آن را شهر اندروید دانلود نمائید. در این برنامه شما می‌توانید کارهای خود را به صورت روزانه، هفتگی و یا حتی ماهانه برنامه‌ریزی کرده و مدیریت آن را به این نرم‌افزار بسپارید و در نهایت با استفاده از این برنامه تمام برنامه‌ها و کارهای خود را در اسرع وقت انجام دهید.دانلود Todoist: To-Do List, Task List از CITYROID.COM


توضیحات و ویژگی‌ها:

  • رابط کاربری زیبای برنامه
  • امکانات متعدد
  • امکان مدیریت برنامه به صورت آنلاین
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The description of Todoist: To-Do List, Task List

★ Included in Google’s Best of 2014 Collection ★

Our users have big goals. They rely on their to-do list to keep up.

Join the 4 million+ people around the world who are accomplishing amazing things with Todoist – the beautifully simple to-do list and task manager built for the pace of modern life. Whether you need to collaborate with your team, keep track of your most important projects, or just remember to pay the rent, Todoist is there to help you achieve more, every day.

Praised as a life-changing app by The Guardian, USA Today, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Lifehacker and more, Todoist works seamlessly across 15+ different platforms in 20 languages so you can stay motivated and productive no matter where you are.

Manage your tasks from anywhere – even offline
Add, complete, and re-schedule tasks from your phone, tablet, desktop, browser, email, smartwatch and more – even offline! Enjoy an automatic, 24/7 sync across all your devices.

Plan ahead and never miss another deadline
Keep track of your important deadlines with natural language due dates, start/end dates, and recurring due dates. View and organize your to-dos for the day or week ahead.

Easy yet powerful organization
Take your to-do listing to the next level with sub-tasks, sub-projects, color-coded projects, and priority levels.

Seamless collaboration
Share projects, assign tasks, and add comments all within the app. Get instant notifications whenever your collaborators make a change.

Visualize your productivity
Use Todoist Karma to set weekly/monthly goals, accumulate points, and track your progress with beautiful graphs color-coded by project.

Use Todoist with all your favorite apps
Make your to-do list even more powerful with integrations for Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Sunrise Calendar, Toggl, IFTTT, and Zapier (just to name a few).

Built for Android
Take advantage of Android’s most innovative features with Todoist’s convenient widgets, actionable notifications, Google Now and DashClock integrations, inter-app sharing, and more. Add tasks, receive notifications, and view lists sent from the app right on your wrist with Todoist for Android Wear.

Boost your productivity with Premium
▸ Set up and receive push notifications, email or SMS reminders based on your physical location or a specific due date and time.
▸ Get even more organized using task notes, enhanced labels, and powerful filters.
▸ Upload files, sound recordings and photos to your tasks from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
▸ Add tasks by forwarding an email and access your to-do lists on your iCalendar.
▸ Track and improve your productivity with extended Todoist Karma features.
▸ Set reminders on your Android Wear smartwatch using voice commands.
▸ Choose from 10 colorful themes to fit any mood and personality.
▸ And much, much more!

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